Giving My Step Brother a Proper Welcome Home


Tony Profane is home after three years in deployment. He gets back home and calls for her father but gets no answer. He knows that his father has married again and that he has a new stepsister. He looks around the house and finds no one. He sees someone in one of the rooms so he peeks inside and finds Mia Malkova, his new step sister taking pictures of her. He stays to watch some more as Mia takes off all her clothes and continues taking nude selfies. Tony wants to have a better look of his new step sister’s big ass, as he pretends to barge in the room. Mia is scared as she asks who he is. He tells her that he lives in here. Mia realizes that he is her new step brother. So she starts to talk to him. Tony asks if he should leave but Mia tells him to stay and break the ice in between. Mia asks her how much time it has been since Tony has been with a girl He answers three years. Mia tells her that in the situation that we are I should give you a proper welcome home. Mia starts to suck on his cock as Tony hardly believes himself. She continues to suck on his dick before sitting on it and riding her new stepbrother. Tony fucks her in a couple more positions before Mia blows him off and let him finish inside her mouth.